Bill, Every little boy and girl in Ohio who has a Quarter Horse one day dreams of showing and possibly winning at the Congress. Tonight i can say that dream came true for me with a lot of help from my friends. Thank you for your help this year and making this dream come true. Wild Black Cat and I won the 2k rider class this evening and we are so thankful for all the help we have received.
John Lavelle 2K CHAMPION!
Bill, I'm sitting in downtown Columbus at Martini's restaurant savoring my Top Ten finish with Arnold today in 35 Non-pro. I guess it was poetic justice that I tied with another rider named William Riddle!
John Lavelle
Finally home and getting packed to leave again for the weekend. Thank you to Corinne for the amazing meals, Les & Erin for organizing, and Mr Bill Riddle for the awesome clinic!!! Had a lot of fun and got pretty spoiled to ride an amazing mare! Les you have a beautiful place in the valley...even with no cell service lol Even Kass said, I could still go live there!
April Williamson
Hello Mr Riddle how are you? I got reserved champion at the Non Pro and Amateur National Finals with my One Time Pepto Roan mare! Two days ago Mano also got reserved with her at Open Finals. Thanks for helping us with her! And my dad and Mano are at the Futurity Finals with our HBC stallion daughter.
Patrícia A. Leite Miglioli
This was an outstanding clinic! Every rider and horse improved. Impressive.
Linda Hughes
A GREAT clinic. So much fun! My only complaint is I wish it was 3-4 days instead of 2. Well worth the money and time!!
Charlotte A Lloyd
Had a wonderful time and learning experience at the Bill Riddle Clinic in woodland. Went to ncha days at Rancho Murieta after clinic had a last whole draw both days and marked a 73 both days. Thank you for reminding me to slow down and look out on my cuts!
Charlotte A Lloyd
Almost all of us got classified for the national finals! Please tell Mr. Bill that my roan mare will go to the open finals with Mano and with me at Non Pro!
Patrícia A. Leite Miglioli
I showed Digger today in Northern Arizona, first show since the True Grit Clinic. We placed 2nd out of 11 horses with a 71 and a really hard judge. Got a check!! Worked Digger as you suggested prior to showing and walked to the herd saying, “You can, you can, you can. That is what you said to me on day 3 of the clinic. Got a plus for my cuts & herd work. Forever grateful,
Nan Doolittle
This clinic can be described as the best fantasy camp ever! Early morning round ups, great instruction with great cattle, and gourmet meals! The clinic was very helpful to everyone in it. Bill Riddle has a great teaching style, and is able to help all participants move to the next level. All the horse and rider combinations were able to improve, whether it was an older horse that knew some tricks, or a green horse that needed some help, Bill helped the riders get more from the horses, schooling the horse themselves.
If you really want to step up your game I would strongly recommend Bill's clinic. Bill is tough but he is an excellent instructor. I am new to cutting and I really learned a lot and I am a much better rider as a result of the clinic. I only wish I would have gone sooner. Everyone at the clinic was at different levels and he adjusted to each one of us. I learned as much from watching him help others as I did from the one on one time with him. The ranch is absolutely beautiful and the people were wonderful. It was truly a memorable experience and I would love to go again.
Carol Vail
An incredible learning experience. This included fresh cows daily, gourmet meals in the infamous cook shack and gracious ranch hospitality. I was continu- ally impressed with Bill's ability to adjust his teachings to the rider's ability. My horse and I are starting to work the Cow 'correct' and we are on our way to a better Score. Thank you, Bill
Dee Callan Phoenix, Arizona
Bill Riddle Clinic at the Ernest Ranch August 4-8, 2010 I attended your clinic at the Ernst Ranch in Oregon during the month of August. I am excited to let you know how my last show went. I marked a 72 and a 731 just wanted to let you knowl Thought you might like to hear from a clinic participant once in a while when we are applying what we learned. I do keep thinking legs, not shoulders and it's paying off. You told me you couldn't mark me in the 70's without using my legs more and I've been working on putting that into practice. So, thank you! I'm planning on stepping up a notch next year and competing in the Oregon club. I'm improving and my little mare is looking sharp! Thanks again and God Bless.
Sharon Buermann
Far exceeded my expecta- tions. The facilities were outstanding, the weather was cool, the food was out of this world, the cattle drives each morning were picturesque, the days in the saddle were long and the learning was non-stop. Bill has a unique way to phrase things in such a way that they not only make sense, but they stick with you. This was not a 'How to show your horse' clinic entirely, but a 'How to work your horse to keep him right' clinic. We learned so much and it was absolutely amazing to see the progress in everyone and their horses each and every day. Truly remarkable. As we like to say, this is a 'Do Over' and we will be there next year without question!
Tom Bruch Quitman, TX
This is the best trip I ever taken bar none!!! From cutting pen to the dinner table Bill provided the "How TO and the WHY" information that would better yourself and your horse. The ranch is truly something out of the movies. The ranch staff from the Owner, manager to the cowboys is some of the finest people I ever had the pleasure of meeting. I met Bill 2 years ago and he has done more for me then anyone in the sport of cutting. I never knew how much working fresh cattle everyday could benefit you and your horse. The people in the clinic was already talking about when the next one was. Bill I would like to take the time to publicly say thank you for all you have done for me. You are truly a great horseman and teacher.
Corey Trammel Grant, LA
I attended your clinic at Ernst Ranch on Aug 4-8. I want to thank you for doing such a great job. I was pleased how you tailored your instruction to our individual needs plus I learned so much just listening to what you were saying to others. It was a fun four days. Russell provided us with a wealth of information. It was a fun day even though it wasn't one of my better days I still had a great time and learned a lot. I really enjoyed meeting Keith and Debbie and having Sunday services on horseback, what a great way to spend four days. I wanted to let you know that I just got back from the Foundation Quarter Horse Western Regional and I won Open Versatility and High Point. VWON all my cutting classes. This was a dream come true for me to win Versatility. I have worked very hard and I will wear that Buckle with pride. I was very pleased with how well I rode Copper and she worked for me had a lot more confidence going into this show. I hope I will get to see you next year I wish you the best and thanks again.
Patti Hanken
“Bill Riddle’s video “Beyond the Basics” is the best cutting video I have purchased. There were so many things Bill said in his video that just “clicked” for me. He does an incredible job of making the hard things very simple. Bill doesn’t just tell you to do something. He takes the time to explain why we are doing it and why it’ll work. He really knows how to teach and explain things on an amateur level. This is the kind of video someone can watch several times and continue to learn.”
Ashley Freeman Shook
True Grit Cutting Clinic Wanted to wait until I went to my show this past weekend before I wrote. First of all the 2 weeks after the clinic was absolutely the greatest experi- ence. Bill invited me back next year and you can bet l'm there. Not only did I work my horse I also took my turn back horse and helped everyday and learned a lot about that as well. All the trainers and non-pros (some pretty big names too) that were there were extremely helpful, I am so grateful. For the results of the entire experience - After being laid up for 2 years and trying to make a comeback with a horse I had never really ridden before, my first show at a very small club cutting was barely a success. My second show over the July 4th weekend I honestly could not get through a run and was very discouraged. My 3rd show was Labor day weekend after spending 2 1/2 weeks with Bill and the gang - First day, first time up in the Non Prol took 2nd place and got a nice check! Best of all I got through all my runs (6) with decent scores (71, 71 1/2 , 72's) except one and ended up schooling my horse, but I can truthfully say it was the best schooling I believe I have ever done in the show pen. What can I say. I feel great and am looking forward to my next show! So there you have it- not short but the full story
Bob Phillips