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NCHA Hall of Fame Trainer, Bill Riddle is also a professionally trained clinician with superior training techniques and a compelling passion to teach today's aspiring horseman.  He expands Beyond the Basics (see below) from the   "Know How to the Know Why!"

  • Learn where to go and how to get there.
  • Learn how your horse thinks, how he sees and how he responds to specific training methods.
  • Learn what judges look for in your run.
  • Learn to work the flag correctly.
  • Running Time - One Hour and 40 Minutes!

Bill Riddle:
NCHA Hall of Fame Rider
Professional Cutting Horse Trainer for over 30 years
Earnings in excess of $4,000,000

Beyond the Basics
DVD: $70.00

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$22.00 S&H Priority (International)

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The Reviews are Coming In!

"My husband and I have been cutting for the last fifteen years or so. Before that we showed AQHA shows. You might say we are students of the sport. We buy many of the DVD cutting videos put out. For Christmas my husband bought your new DVD. Many DVDs are directed at training the cutting horse. We are not trainers, we work with a trainer. We found your DVD to be more directed to the Non-Pro. It is the best one I've seen! We have had friends watch it, and they said it is the best one they've watched. While watching the DVD I said to myself "Well, I do that." Then while riding I found myself on occasion making some mistakes... like stop, rock back, and then go. The DVD made me more conscious of that. It was like an "Oops!" moment."
Susan Walker

"Just wanted to say the video was great Jessica and I really enjoyed it. It picked up a lot of key points that some people leave out. The information is very easy to understand and take in. It is worth the money. Thanks again for all you do for the great sport of cutting."
Corey Trammel

"I bought a copy of your video at the futurity this month and I wanted to tell you what a good job you did on this very insightful and helpful training video. I am an amateur and won about $35k in the mid-1990s and am now semi-retired and getting back into showing. I work hard at trying to perfect my riding and showing, and after watching your video a couple of times, I wanted you to know that it seemed like you know all about me and that you made this video just for me.
I also watched you at the Futurity, and I noticed how attentive you were to your non-pro and amateur clients.
Thanks so much for your contribution to the cutting horse industry."
Ron Malone

"Loved your video, can't recall the last time I've felt I've got my moneys worth like I have when I purchased it last Saturday.  Already learned great deal.  Would like very much to come to your clinic.  I'm sure you could help me a lot.  For 4 or 5 years I have been trying to learn this sport and your video sure will help me reach my goal."
Robbie Parks



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