2015 True Grit Cutting Clinic (BOOKED FULL). We had a wonderful clinic in New Mexico! Thank you to Jim Short & Gary Calfee for feeding us everyday. The food was outstanding! Thank you Wanda Burney for the amazing homemade ice cream! Thank you Chick Burney for helping us with our daily needs on the ranch.

Thank you to Cody Smith for supplying us great cattle to work. Thank you Hughes Abell for letting us use your place. Buena Vista is a breathtaking place. Thank you Sue for taking good care of us. Thank you to our Participants: Billy & Tracy Owen, Nan Doolittle, Cindy Vollhardt, Temmy Evans, John & Lora Lavelle, John Kelly, Steve Duff, Gustavo da Silva. Please take a look at the wonderful pictures by Colleen Wallace and Frank Hannon!